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AFCDIA Inauguration Ceremony

Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association Inauguration Ceremony
Speech by Honorary President Ms Cally Kwong

Date: 6 Mar 2016

A very good afternoon to all our distinguished guests and welcome to the  inauguration ceremony of the Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association.  Thank you for being part of our colourful world.

Diamonds have always represented luxury, indulgence and class, and, indeed, they are not only a girl’s best friend – but everyone’s – because they are supremely resilient and are of astonishing value. Simply put, they are everlasting.
In many ways, diamonds also represent our lives. Each of us is born a flawless, colourless diamond, and each experience we have adds a little colour to the original stone, until we become a fancy diamond that emanates glory and uniqueness.
Fancy diamonds are fast becoming a fashionable accessory for tasteful consumers, who love the individuality and exclusivity these stones present. It is this world that we would like to introduce you to with the Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association, which hopes to help develop a thriving colour diamond industry in Asia.

Honorary President
Ms Cally Kwong