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Higher returns in humanity 人情回報價更高


Although the returns on diamonds could be higher than other investments, I believe we need to adjust our mentality. After all, diamonds are not like stocks, which focus on resale value. If I buy diamonds for a certain price, in 10 years the resale value would have gone up. Besides, I would also have enjoyed the privilege of wearing it for several years. Strictly speaking, the value appreciates, and it is considered a relatively risk-free investment. However, wearing jewellery also brings the wearer good luck. Therefore, one should not just think of the resale value. Jewellery can also be used as inheritance, passed on from generation to generation. In addition to the monetary value, it also brings a return in “humanity”.

I believe that jewellery has many good ”uses”. It is the motivation for people to be more ambitious, more determined to improve him/herself and to work hard, in order to save money to buy their own jewellery. Other than that, in order to show off the jewellery that you are wearing, you would keep yourself in good shape, pay attention to your appearance and your make-up. This definitely is the reason why jewellery will help you increase in value “beautifully”.

Jewellery is a blessing. The jewellery industry is a joyous industry. We do not only sell products to a customer: the jewellery is a piece of art, which has irreplaceable sentimental value. People come into a jewellery shop for joyous occasions, weddings, proposals, birthdays – occasions where people express love. Also, families buy jewellery as a heritage to be passed on for generations. Many people only buy one ring in a lifetime. Therefore, we have the responsibility, through the brilliance of the diamond, to bring hopes and dreams to people who are destined to be together.